DJ Lucky Starr

DJ Lucky Starr (whose real name is Luc Charbonneau) started his career in 1987. A big fan of New Wave and Synth Pop music, he worked in several famous bars including the Fizz, the Crocodile, the Arcane, the Café Campus and the Passport. Since retiring from the active scene in 2012, he has been specializing in the music of the 80s. His audacity and originality in his musical choice have earned him several recognition awards over the years. His show STATION 80 is one of a kind, being the only one to combine ALL musical styles of the 80s: Rock, Pop, Chicago House, Club Dance, New Wave, Old School Rap, Alternative, Franco, Italo House, Industrial, Belgium New Beat, Miami Freestyle and many others, including exclusive versions and many forgotten hits. Everything to satisfy all fans of music 80 any style confused.

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