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DJ Gilbert Hamel

DJ Gilbert Hamel’s passion for music began at an early age, when he listened to music his parents enjoyed back in the day. He bought his first Dance records in 1976 and with the arrival of Disco on the Radio waves. Gilbert knew his calling was to be a DJ. His first experience behind the tables was in 1975, fast forward to 1980 he began working in a neighborhood Bar / Lounge which he was associated with for 25 years. He is a graduate of the renowned school Musitechnic and now he performs as a DJ for MixHitRadio and various events with Classic Disco 54

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DJ Nova

My story begins back in the 50s. Growing up in the German town section of Philadelphia. My mother and father were always listening to the popular music stations of the day. I grew up listening to Motown, Soul and Rock ‘n Roll. While in high school, my taste in music favored Motown acts like the Temptations, four tops, the Supremes, Smokey Robinson, the Jackson Five etc. On the rock end I loved the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Doors. When I went to parties I was always asked to bring my records and play music. I started collecting 45’s records back in the early 60’s.

As I got older and began going out to nightclubs in the early 70’s, I was a big fan of post disco or the underground sound called Proto Disco, groups like the Equals “black skinned blue eyed boys” Barrabras – “women”, were a main stay
sounds in the early Philly club scene along with the TSOP ( The sounds of Philadelphia). At this point I decided to start a mobile DJ Business. I remember running out to the record shops every Saturday morning to stock up on the latest dance singles.

One night I was out with some friend’s at our favorite club the DJ got sick and had to leave. The manager asked me if I could fill in for the night since we were friends because he knew I did mobile parties. That was way back in 1976. I was scared to death and had no idea was I was doing. I do remember the first song I played, that night it was “I love music” by the O’Jays. The crowd screamed with delight! I was hooked right then and there. I really had fun I played some great tunes I had no idea how to mix music back then. The next day I ran out and bought 2 turntables and a mixer. I would practice every day after work for hours trying to perfect my skills as a club mixed and trying to develop a style. All my hard work paid off. I began to get some attention and began playing at some local clubs and parties.

I’ve had a long and successful career playing in clubs like Pulsations, Egypt, Rock Lobster, Adelphia, 8th Floor, Yellow Jackets, The Barn, the Village Inn, The West Side Club (my first gay club) and so many other places. I’ve had the chance to play with some very popular musical groups of the day like the Trammps, the Village People, White Bridge, Chaka Kahn etc. I’ve even appeared on local TV with Hall of fame star DJ Jerry Blavit.

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Simon Lapointe

Fascinated by animation and music, Simon Lapointe has over 25 years experience as a host and DJ. His spontaneous, entertaining ease of interaction with the public has made him an important part of MixHitRadio. Simon also has significant experience in the business world which makes him a very versatile person for corporate entertainment gatherings and functions. He has worked with the S.Roy Ltd. which specializes in animation, master of ceremonies, press conference and radio animation.

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Mc Sheldon Caplan

Montreal native Sheldon Caplan is well known in various entertainment circles as “Mr. Disco”. His long presence in the music industry and the promotional trade, makes Sheldon the perfect person for the organization and promotion of various Disco partys and events held in Montreal and surounding areas. As the founder of Classic Disco 54 and CEO of MixHitRadio his vision of quality is always top priority to ensure everybody has a very enjoyable time at any of his events.

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Groove Therapy

This show will bring you on another level as DJ Paul Taylor spins some NuDisco and Soulful House that blend beautifully. That will be an hour you’ll never regret listening to. Last sunday of the month 9 pm

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Nu Groove

Nu Groove focuses on Nu Disco. It is inspired by the”happy” and festive sounds of 1970s and 1980s disco, while keeping the groove and instrumentation of the synthesizers enveloping it in a house style. You will hear  Soulful House, Vocal House, Nu Disco and Disco edited and remixed.

Wenesday 9pm.

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The Club Mix

Completly new show that presents a different DJ every week. From the 70s to today’s music, all of our DJ’S have carte blanche about the music they want to play during those 3 hours. The only exception are NO Hip-Hop, EDM, Country, Techno style. It’s all about Dance music, give it a try, you might be surprised. Saturday 9pm

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Electric 80S

Step into the 80s world as, Tears For Fears, Depeche More, INXS, Billy Idol, Madonna, TalkTalk, SoftCell, Rick Astley, Samantha Fox and many more are part of the regular music rotation of this show. A 2 hours show that makes you relive the madness of these beautiful years. Saturday 8pm.

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Studio 80S & 90S

Hosted by Simon Lapointe, this show will transport you to a whole new world. Simon tells us about different groups or artists that will be broadcast during the show, as well as music news, the everything with a touch of humor. With a breathtaking musical program, you’ll have the pleasure to hear the best hits DISCO, DANCE or CLUB hits from the 80s and 90s. Saturday 7pm.

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Totally 80S

This show is pretty different than the others. DJ Mc Mello spins remixes from this great era. Don’t get me wrong here, his remixes are today’s remix that gives a completly new sound to these old hits. It’s worth giving it a try, just in case you may like it. 1st saturday of the month.

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