Nu Groove

Nu Groove focuses on Nu Disco. It is inspired by the »happy » and festive sounds of 1970s and 1980s disco, while keeping the groove and instrumentation of the synthesizers enveloping it in a house style. You will hear  Soulful House, Vocal House, Nu Disco and Disco edited and remixed. Wenesday 9pm.

Electric 80S

Step into the 80s world as, Tears For Fears, Depeche More, INXS, Billy Idol, Madonna, TalkTalk, SoftCell, Rick Astley, Samantha Fox and many more are part of the regular music rotation of this show. A 2 hours show that makes you relive the madness of these beautiful years. Saturday 8pm.

The Dance Party Mix

For a very special dance experience, The Dance Party Mix is a Show not to be missed . Relive the Disco music of STUDIO 54 as you have never heard it before. For 3 fun hours DJ GILBERT HAMEL spins the Biggest and Best Disco. Friday 8pm.


DJ Jacques Côté presents the great successes of the time, but in a completely different way. What you hear throughout the show, you will not be hear elsewhere. Its unique style brings a completely different dimension, but equally energizing. Wednesday 8pm.

Back In Time

DJ Side B is aptly named because he likes to play the flip of some tracks. This brings a whole new dimension to his already vast repertory. While transporting you from Dance to Alternative, you will have the pleasure to hear your favorite successes. Tuesday 8pm.