Happy Hour                                                                                                                                                                         Animated by Simon Lapointe, his show will transport you to a whole new world thisseason. The musical programming has been rethought, your ears will have the pleasure to hear the best successes in DISCO, DANCE and CLUB covering the years 1970 to 2000. Saturday 5 pm.


Back In Time
DJ Side B bears his name well because he likes to play the flip side of certain hit records. This brings a whole new dimension to his already extensive repertoire. While transporting us from dance to alternative, you’ll enjoy the pleasure of listening to your favorite hits on the B and A side Tuesdays @ 8pm.

Brooklyn Classics

A native of New York, DJ Jeff Glick presents DISCO with a New York flavor, Famous for The GlickMix….when you tune into his show you will have the pleasure of hearing treasures coming from deep within the Disco vault . Tuesdays @ 9pm.


Presented every 1st Monday of the month, DJ Michel Simard transports us back to the block buster hits of the era, whether at La Clef du Danseur , L’Horizon disco club and the Limelight to name a few. Throughout his 2-hour show, Michel will bring you back to a time of Silver and Crome memories. Every 1st Monday of the month @ 9pm.

Remember                                                                                                         DJ Jacques Côté presents the greatest hits of the time, but in a completely different spin. What you will hear throughout his show, you won’t hear anywheres else. Its unique style brings an entirely different dimension, but is just as energizing today.Wednesday @ 8 pm.


Disco Inferno
DJ Francisco Maya brings us into his DISCO universe by presenting Dance songs that are less known but are mixed with more main stream disco hits and it all comes together in a roller coster show that is perfectly integrated with the great successes of your favorite artists…. Thursday @ 8 pm.


The Dance Party Mix

 A presentation of Classic Disco 54 in collaboration with MixHitRadio.Com. Relive the ecstasy of the DISCO years as if you were back there right now. This 3h show, is focused on the best successes of the time as well as some unrecognizable songs you haven’t heard in years. Take a trip back in time with us and relive this Golden era…. Friday @ 7 pm.

Electric 80’S                         
Tears For Fears, Depeche More, INXS, Billy Idol, Madonna, Talk Talk, Soft Cell, Rick Astley, Samantha Fox and many others are part of our regular musical rotation for this show. A 3 hour power trip presented every Saturday night @ 7 pm. Relive the madness of these crazy, beautiful years with us…

Nu Groove

 New to MixhitRadio.Com this season is The Nu Groove     Show which focuses on Nu Disco. It is inspired by the happy and festive sounds of disco from the 1970s and 1980s, keeping the groove and instrumentation of the synthesizers all wrapped up with a house style punch that will take you away. You will hear new releases and remixes that will make you get up and dance the night away…. Sunday @ 8 pm.

The Magic Disco Hour                                                                                                       

  Take a trip back in time to the glorious days of MIAMI DISCO with MixHitRadio’s Magic Disco Hour. This one hour show is based on Florida’s BEST DISCO BANDS !! Experience the magnificent influence of Dance Music that came out of South Florida. You will hear artists such as KC And The Sunshine Band, Jimmy ‘Bo’ Horne, Bebu Silvetti, George McCrae and many more…Feel The MIAMI HEAT on MixHitRadio.Com your number one destination to the Best Disco …Period !!! Thursday @ 9 pm


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